Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bike Review 2008 Moots Compact

Maybe you remember back in the day when Victor Kiam was all over the networks hawking Remington shavers with the slogan, "I liked it so much, I bought the company." Or maybe not. Well anyway take this as my full disclosure. I liked the Moots Compact so much I bought the bike. Over the course of my years as a cyclist and a triathlete, I've ridden a lot of bikes. Typically, with any bike purchase, I've ridden at least 6 bikes on route to a decision. And thanks to this blog, I've ridden a lot more bikes just to offer some perspective to someone else who might also be in the market for a new bike. So I've been on all types of frames from aluminum, to steel, to carbon fiber, to titanium. Personally, I like titanium's feel and durability the best. Especially given my heavy use of an indoor trainer in my workouts.

There is just no other way to say it. This was the hands down best bike I've ever ridden. Period. You know there are so many things that go into a good ride. And there are a lot of bikes out there that can provide that feeling. But what I experienced on this bike made me rethink some of the perceptions I had about every bike I'd been on before this. This bike was beyond good. In fact it was so far beyond good as to make "good" seem completely unacceptable.

The most noticeable thing right off the bat was the sense of ease I had pedalling. On most bikes I've tested or ridden, there is a distinct increase in effort when moving into the bigger gears. On the Moots, the increase is so slight as to be almost non-existent. (Hmmmm... Bigger gear, more speed, almost no effort??? Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!!! DING!!!!)

But it was more than speed, or the ability to move bigger gears with ease, or feeling as though the 15 mph headwind I was riding into that day was a joke. No, it was way more than that. During my standard tests the bike outperformed every road or Tri bike I've ever been on. With nothing more than a carbon fork, the Moots' ride is very, very plush without being squishy. In fact the ride feels both solid and swift without beating you up. The Moots hangs tight in the corners with a steady confidence that almost reminds me of riding on rails. The acceleration out the back side is immediate and sure. Climbs are can be taken on with such confidence that all but the most mountainous terrain seems flat. Wow. Wow! Wow!!! Don't believe me check this out.

"...The titanium is timeless. It's bomb-proof. It's quiet, comfortable, fast, understated, won't rust, won't corrode, it's light. It's a bike that is completely unfazed by hype and glam because it is plainly and simply an amazing bicycle...."

If you are interested you can find the whole review here. Check out the other bikes these guys sell day by day and then you'll understand why I'm raving about the Moots. Moots offers both stock frame and custom options. And they also offer Ti stems and seat posts and a host of other Ti accessories such as spacers to give your bike a unique finishing touch. Last year when I was looking for a Tri bike, I was told they would make one if requested. I'll have to check on that option now. Looking over the Moots website I do not show a link for them. Bummer. I bet that would be one epic Tri bike. At any rate, I'll update this post after I've contacted Moots about the Tri frame. If they don't still make them, that would be a shame. But all I can say is if you are in the market for a quality, higher end road bike, you owe it to yourself to consider Moots.


Lucho said...

Ace- Thank you very much for the great comment today on my blobby.. very well put and something I will ponder for a while.
And on another note: I was sponsored by Merlin Bicycles for quite a few years and I am a Ti freak. I've ridden their compact frames for years! Love it! There's no other material like Ti. The Moots are to drool over.

Vertical Man said...

Great review. I'm gonna seek out a dealer. Are their mountain bikes as good?

ace said...

From what I've been told by my bike mechanic, they make excellent mountain bikes as well. They are very cool. They even have a place for folks to stay when they come to be fitted. Also the guy who makes DeSalvo bikes speaks very highly of their work as well. So when another customer builder speaks highly of their competition, I think it is good to take note.

MAHJING said...

Own the Compact (60 cm, Dura Ace 7800, WoundUp fork) and at 6'3, 215 lbs. ply the Litchfield Hills of NW CT, rough, steep, damp, and that's not counting winter (my 2 ride mates have Sevens, Alaris frames). Moots after 20K all- season miles? Engineered, solid, swift, comfortable, masculine, unflappable, subtle, distinctive. The sales experience was intelligent, assured, unexaggerated - "You'll probably find over time you enjoy this bike more than others (i.e., IF, Seven, Omega, Spectrum)." I came from a Serotta-built ti Schwinn Paramount (great frame, a bit too small; prior? DeRosa, Batavus, Frejus) and know I have a better-built, truer tracking, more balanced rig and am fully cured of bike lust and distraction: this is such a quietly elegant, utterly capable, wash and wear landjet for a Clyde.