Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Starting P90X Week 8

I started week 8. Technically that means going back into a recovery week. But I'm not doing that. Because I cut week 6 short (due to the knee thing) I'm going to repeat week 7. What that means is I have to do the one DVD I truely hate, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps.

I try to do something triathlon specific to warm up for the P90X workouts. Tuesday I did an easy hour and a half ride. My max heart rate for this was 150. My average heart rate for the whole work out was 127. Hopefully next time I do this workout I'll get out of the house a little earlier and can miss some to the morning rush hour traffic. I try to keep my heart rate from getting above 145 for these rides and when I'm really motivated (i.e. I ride by myself and don't have to worry about getting buzzed by big trucks), I can keep my heart rate below 135 for the whole time.

I know a lot of folks would think I'm nuts for riding so slow. Especially if they knew what my max heart rate was. But from experience and what I've been reading lately, I'm finding that workouts like this really benefit my overall fitness. Why this works is a very important conversation to have about triathlon and endurance sports altogether, but I'll talk more on that in another post. Right now I want to let you get a feel for how my workouts are scheduled during a typical week so, this is what I've done so far:

Monday (P90X Recovery): Swim 30 min easy open water, 30 min easy run HR ave 145
Tuesday: Bike 1:30 HR ave 127, P90X Chest, Shoulders, Triceps 1:00, P90X Ab RipperX 00:15
Wednesday: Swim 30 min easy open water, Vinayasa Yoga 1:30, P90X Plyometrics 1:00

So right now I'm at 6:15 for the week. Here is what I plan to do for the rest of the week provided I feel up to it:

Thursday: Swim workout 1:00, P90X Back, Biceps 1:00, Ab RipperX 00:15, Run 30:00.
Friday: Swim 30 min easy open water, YogaX 1:30
Saturday: Bike 2:30
Sunday: P90X Legs, Back 1:00, Ab RipperX 00:15

So that's it. The whole week comes out to somewhere between 14 and 15 hours if I can do all the workouts and get enough rest. I take a lot of naps during the week to make this work. But I'm seeing the results I was looking for so I think it has been worth it.


scd said...

I just stumbled across your blog when looking for reviews of P90X. I saw the infomercial while riding and thought it looked interesting without false promises of 'no work all gain!' So I bit and ordered it and started the first day today.

The primary reason I did it was because I wanted something to kick start my training in getting back in shape for triathlons. A number of years ago, I was fairly competitive and due to 'life' have fallen off the wagon for the past 2-3 years and am in pretty poor shape. After numerous attempts at a 'comeback', I have decided that this time I really mean it.

I'll be interested to see your take on how the P90X stuff works with your triathlon training. I figure it's a good time to incorporate it into a lot of winter base training.

Best of luck!

ace said...

So far I am really happy with the results from the program. I'm finding it works really well with base level training. I'm thinking of continuing it on a modified level throughout the season -- perhaps 3 times a week. Then I'll start another 90 days after my recovery from racing. I wish you luck.