Sunday, November 11, 2007

P90X Week 10 Review - Sort of...

Where the heck did this week go? I truly have no idea. I looked up and it was Friday and I still had 3 P90X workouts left to do. So what did I do given it was Friday night at 9PM when I had this revelation? And I was at work? I started trying to figure out which workouts to do when I got off at 7AM Saturday morning. Maybe Plyometrics. Maybe Back and Biceps. Maybe both. How does one get into this sort of predicament, you ask? Well when one absolutely HATES the Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps disk, you sort of avoid it. So instead of starting my week with that on Monday, I did yoga instead.

This is what Monday looked like workout wise:
7:00 AM - Run 30 min Ave HR 152
8:00 AM - Swim (Open Water) 30 min - worked on sighting and body position
9:00 AM - Sleep
4:30 PM - Bike 1:15 Ave HR 124
7:00 PM - Yoga 1:30
10:30 PM - Sleep

Tuesday's workouts:
8:00 AM - Swim 1:00 3300 yards
9:30 AM - Sleep
3:00 PM - Bike 1:30 Loop 360 and Bee Caves (Very Hilly, Cold, Windy, and not my idea)
7:00 PM - Movie

Wednesday's workouts:
NONE (unless you count the two hour nap I took as a workout)

Thursday's workouts:
10:00 AM - P90X Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & AbRipperX 1:15
7:00 PM - Greencards show at The Saxon Pub

So as you can see, I waited until Thursday to start the dreaded P90X workout. That's how I got into trouble. The good news, I only face planted twice and from the looks of the reps I was doing I have gotten stronger and my endurance has improved a lot. I sort of knew this going into the workout because I had been doing some testing in my swimming, biking and running last weekend and had seen some improved aerobic function. Which I sort of put to use on Monday and Tuesday. Then applying some common sense, I rested Wednesday. This allowed me to really go into the Chest, Shoulders, Triceps workout with a guns blazing and take no prisoners attitude on Thursday. Better late than never I suppose.

The thing you have to remember about workouts like that, whether in regard to P90X, triathlon, running, the gym, or even mowing your lawn is that your unbridled enthusiasm can only lead to consequences later. Basically what I'm saying here is while you may think you are taking the workout to Tony and his buddies, or your boss, or whom ever, you are really taking it to yourself. This is a small but important point to consider when you start a workout frothing at the mouth. Translation? I woke up really, really sore the next day. And as a result, plus starting my work week (Yep, my week starts on Friday and I only work Friday, Saturday, Sunday), I took another day off. So that's how I got to Saturday.

Saturday's workouts:
7:00 AM - Got off work
7:15 AM - P90X Plyometric workout 1:00
8:30 AM - P90X Back and Biceps workout 1:00
10:00 AM - Bike Ride 1:45 (Windy - 20mph from the south) Aerobic Avg HR 127 Max HR 153
12:15 PM - Sleep
7:00 PM - Work

All I can say is that was a learning experience. And I'm finding it really hard to keep my focus exclusively on P90X while my primary objectives for starting the program seem to have been met within the first 60 or so days. It could be I'm seeing the result of continuing my triathlon training in the midst of P90X. It is sort of feeling like a "race" build up. Not that I'm tired. Because I'm not. And I do actually still like doing the workouts. Except for the "face plant fiasco" that is Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. I think what is most challenging for me right now is developing the functional strength and not feeling like I'm applying it to its fullest. But I think that is a misperception on my part. It isn't like I'm going to stop doing these workouts at the end of the 90 days. I plan on integrating them into my regular routine alternating the 6 key workouts 3 sessions every two weeks. So there is really no "finish" to look forward to per se. I need to keep that in mind as I finish up these last couple of weeks. And I need to just do the workouts spaced properly while keeping my aerobic enthusiasm in check. I feel as though I could race now and I won't be doing one until May 2008. That has to be the hardest part. The waiting. Perhaps that says it all about P90X. The program works very well. Maybe in this instance it is working too well. Now all I have left for the week is Legs and Back and an easy endurance swim. But I think I'll go to bed first, then go workout after I wake up.

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Anonymous said...

Face plant? Yikes. I considered putting a folded towel on the floor under my face for the one-armed push-ups. I wasn't sure if face planting really happened...think I'll use the towel next time. Keep on, keepin' on! - sheshard