Monday, November 19, 2007

My Dog Ate My Race Photos...

That's what I should call this post. Or my best friend was smoking crack! Looking around the internet at other triathlete blogs, everyone's has race photos but mine.
Heck, some actually even have race photos with the blogger in them. Anyway I think this first shot is of the awesome race venue. As you can see the lake is just HUGE! No wait, I think that's a tree.

Here I am running into the transition from the swim. Obviously the time I've spent working on my speedy transitions is paying off. Take a camera to the race and give to a friend to get some pictures for my comeback race is what I was thinking. What I should have been thinking was give my camera to a 5 year old, couldn't have been worse. Or could it?

By the timestamp this is supposed to be me exiting transition. No wait that's just my friend's finger over the lens. Or a really nice shot of Mars. Not that I have anything against the god of war or the planet mind you, but I did have something else a little different in mind when I thought of getting a few snapshots of my return to racing.

As you can see it was a very flat, fast bike course. There was really no need to worry about traffic as the race director obviously had his little section of road pretty well isolated. Needless to say this would also make for an ideal run. But just between you and me, I will say the bike might have been a tad short.

Finally I made it to the run. Due to the "cloverleaf" loop nature of the course and the excellent spot my buddy was located with the camera, I passed within 5 feet of him 5 times on the run course. How many shots of me did he get? One. And this is it. Enough said.

Crossing the finish line is the moment of truth for any triathlete no matter what the distance. That's where the emotions of the day and what you've just accomplished are on display for all to see. And I was lucky enough to have my best friend there with my camera to catch it. Can you imagine how happy I was to complete my first race in five years? And to have it captured forever? Well if not it'll have to wait until next year. My friend was obviously imagining something else when he took this shot.


Triteacher said...

Oh my! Too funny!

mrspaceman said...

Hey, will theye do my race photos (at lease until I've lsot some weight and actually want to be in them :)

brilliant laugh, thanks.