Monday, May 30, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Week Was A Whole Lot Of MAF

So I MAF'd all week. Aside from my two runs on the track and 3 other runs around town, I also spent over 5 hours on the bike and 4 hours in the pool. I think I got in just under 16 hours of total training in which is pretty solid. The encouraging thing I'd like to highlight is the improvement I'm seeing on the track. A few posts ago, I said I started this year running at 9:45 pace per mile at a 152 bpm heart rate. My last 3 visits to the track over the past 2 weeks have been a 9:24 ppm/151bpm, 9:17 ppm/149bpm, and a 9:13ppm/148bpm average over 5 miles.

I started this week off with a 5 mile run at an average heart rate of 138bmp, a 3000 meter swim workout that was primarily long sets with different stroke technique emphasis. I finished off the day with an hour of yoga. Feels good to start getting fit again.