Thursday, November 29, 2007

P90X Week 12 So Far (Week 11 Redux)

So if you read my P90X post about week 11 you know that I basically got my azz handed to me on a silver platter complete with all the fixin's. It wasn't pretty. I was sore, I was stiff, I was beaten. It was bad. I felt like I'd been 10 rounds with Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier at the same time. Pushing play was never harder. Because of that I came into week 12 with a game plan. What was that might you ask? Two things really. First, "REPEAT THAT SEQUENCE!!!" I don't know about you, but while I can be a very gracious loser on the outside, that in no way means I am not plotting your ultimate destruction on the inside for our next encounter. And in this instance since the person who beat me was me (via a proxy by Tony Horton and crew), I figured it was time for me to take back what was mine -- aka my dignity and do some serious butt kicking of my own. Even if it killed me.

I know, I know, you're probably like, "Well Ace it was just one week. FIDO (forget it drive on). You are almost done!"

And you know, you are exactly right. But I don't roll like that. So after I decided to repeat the week, I knew the second thing that was needed. I needed to get right in the mind. And once my mind was right I was gonna bring it BIGGER, BADDER, MEANER and more RESOLUTELY than I had ever brought it before. To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite tribloggers, I was gonna show Tony and crew who was THE BOSS. Not even the dreaded AbRipperX was going to stop me. Because I was going to do AbRipperX every single day this week. And, and NO BREAKS. That's right. You heard me. No breaks. Except for water. But no stopping the DVD. During that time when I completed my sets before Tony and crew finished theirs, I jumped rope. And during the programmed water breaks, usually about a minute after each 10 or 15 minute set depending on the workout, I jumped rope. During the cooldown, I jumped rope. Then I went and ran for 30 minutes.

So now it is Thursday, and I can say to you after four days of this, I'm still doing it. But I also know I wouldn't be able to do it if I hadn't been doing these workouts for the last 3 months. So what I can say is this is a way to intensify your P90X workouts once you've completed the program once or if in that last third of the program for a week or two before the recovery week. But be warned, jumping rope through the breaks adds a dimension of aerobic intensity to the workout like no one's business. Even I wasn't prepared for how much energy it took. In workouts where exercises are repeated, during the last 1/3 of the program, I struggled. Jumping rope for 5 minutes can feel like running 30. But no matter what make sure if you add that dimension to your workouts that you drink a lot of fluids. As for doing AbRipperX daily, the first 3 days were brutal. Doing that program with a rested midsection is difficult at best even after consistently working at it for almost 3 months. Doing it back to back is just plain brutal. Try that one at your own risk. Personally, I won't be doing that again.

But after tomorrow's Leg and Back workout plus AbRipperX, I'll have the knowledge that I took this workout further than I have ever done before. And I'll have my dignity back. Though I'll probably be due for a nice long nap. Because that is how I roll.


Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

yeah but are those flames pink?

Anonymous said...

I bow to your P90X superiority...jumping rope throughout it? You are hardcore! - sheshard said...

Does this work out really work? I am a firefighter and am in prettygood shape but want to take my excersize to the next level. DO you reccommend the p90x

ace said...

Honestly, if you put in the time with the program you will take you as far as you take it. Check out the link to Nick90x's blog. His pictures are awesome. And if you do decide to do it I think it will remind you of the type of shape you were in when you were in Firefighter training.

Nicholas Davaul said...

Your finally done!!! I've been using your words of wisdom to get me through my 90 days. Now that your done, what am I gonna do now? :)

To bad, you didn't take/have some before/after pics to show us.

Are you going to do P90X again? Go to P90X+? Or move on to staying strict to your Triathlong training?

Thanks for any words.

ace said...

Boy I'm here to tell ya, I wish I was done. But alas I have this week, because I repeated week 11 and then the recovery week. So about 10 days left.

As for the pictures I have taken them throughout the program except I missed the 60 day photos -- so I have 70 day photos instead. I'll post them all after I've finished.

As for what's next. Well I signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training Cert course and will shift my focus from strength to flexibility for about 11 weeks. I honestly don't know how much P90X I'll be willing to take after 5 days of yoga per week. We'll have to see about that one.

After the flexibility phase, I'll probably just do a rotation of P90X as I move back into more focused triathlon training. What I'm thinking would look something like this:

Week 1 - Chest Back, Shoulders Arms Plyo
Week 2 Chest Shoulders, Biceps Tri, Legs Back

AbRipper would be done each of the 3 days.

After recovering from my season, I'll do either P90X again or the P90X+ since it bases a lot of the movements on yoga and pilates.