Saturday, October 20, 2007

P90X Vacation

I didn't plan it this way but last week wound up being a P90X Vacation. I didn't do a single workout. I did put the DVD's in the player several times but never got around to doing the routines. I was supposed to do a recovery week this week anyway and just wasn't motivated. I can attribute some of this to the arrival of the new time trial bike I bought a few weeks back. Between getting the bike fitted and test rides and tweaking, I just didn't find the time or motivation to "Bring It!" But that isn't to say I didn't work out. I got in three quality runs, fives swims, and almost eight hours on the bike. And I went to Yoga. We'll have to see how I feel this week. This is the beginning of the last phase the P90X program for me. I can say that I'm happy with the results. (I plan on posting my photos at the end of the program.) From my experience the program works exactly as it is promoted to. You put in the time, you get in shape. And honestly, right now I can say that I am in shape.

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