Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just Funny How Things Work. The Rogue Training Store

So this morning I'm on my way home from work and things appear to just "NOT" be going my way. Twice cars on the freeway sort of managed to position themselves in such a way so that I was unable to take either of the normal exits I use to get home. This meant I had to go the long way around my house and drive back to it. But I suppose there really is a reason for everything.

Because I took this route home, I ran (literally - as she was out for her morning run) into an old friend of mine, a person who I probably went to more races with in my early triathlon days than anyone. Anyway, I drove ahead, parked and waited on her to run by, clapping and shouting encouragement as she passed. On her way up the street she called back, "We just opened a new store."

You see, my friend is none other than Ruth England, co-owner of Austin's Rogue Training Systems. If you don't know about Rogue, you should. They are a great group of folks offering all types of training services to the Austin fitness minded community. And now they have opened a retail store for your training equipment and gear as well. I think we should all take note. There's a new training store (read "sheriff") in town... Its gonna be interesting. For more info about Ruth and the Rogue Store look here.

For more on Rogue Training Systems look here.

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