Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Beginning Of Things

Today's training was to be fairly straight forward, Yoga for an hour and a half, easy 30 minute run, followed by an easy 2.5 hour bike ride. It looked simple enough on paper. Too bad it didn't go that way. Yoga was about the only thing that did. On the run my pace didn't seem excessive, though in retrospect I'm either going to have to get a Garmin or start wearing the foot pod for my Polar again. My perceive effort was about a 3 or a 4 but at one point on the run I looked down and my heart rate was 181. What the hey??? And it wasn't a fluke. What was weird was the feeling of ease that I thought I had and yet my chest should have felt like it was going to explode. But it didn't. Weird.

So I finished the run and looked at the sky to attempt to gauge whether or not I should ride. It looked like rain. But then I thought about how great it was on Saturday while I was at work. I got angry and decided to ride rain or shine. I would just wrap my stuff up in baggies and go. While it didn't rain, a front blew in half way through the ride dropping temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees in a matter of minutes. That wasn't so bad but what was a problem was the wind. I'm not sure because I forgot to check when I got back in but I think at some points the gusts were up to 30 mph. Coming from the North. And I had ridden South. :( Needless to say going home wasn't very pleasant. And keeping my heart rate down again proved challenging.

When I got home I was spent. There was one point on the way back where I was going up hill into the wind and I swear I felt my leg muscles separate from the bone I was pushing so hard to keep the bike moving. This is not a feeling I would wish on anyone. And I for one hope never to experience it again.

But I got the work in. And there is always tomorrow which should be interesting. As I'm typing this blog, I see that it's snowing. In Austin, Tx. Wow. I suppose I should just be thankful it didn't happen while I was out on the bike.

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