Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Days You Zero

In keeping with my promise to do more this year with less, I took today off. Not because of yesterdays 45 min bike ride. Nope, in fact I almost skipped that ride. And what's more I really was hurting. But it was 80 degrees yesterday. 80. I. Had. To. Ride. So I capped the ride at 45 minutes and called it a day. The deal was in the morning I paid a visit to my Chiropractor to let him take a look at my right foot. I had been feeling some pain in it at the beginning of my runs and was sure I had some bones that were out of socket/alignment. Nothing that would stop me from running but it was making the beginnings of my runs hard which meant it was easier to talk myself out of running when nothing was really wrong with me. Turns out I was right and a single tug and I knew I was good to go.

As is usual, along with the normal 30 - 45 min chat about what I was up to with my training, Doc finds a leg length discrepancy and some stuff with my neck and before I know it I'm in for the "full" treatment. Well when this happens, I need to be aware that the body I walked out of the office with is not the body I walked in the office with. Because of this I like to give myself a day or so to get used to the new "equipment" before pushing any limits. I know this now. Unfortunately this is a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

But it was 80 degrees yesterday. So I rode for 45 min. Then I went and had an acupuncture appointment. Between the acupuncture and the adjustment, even a 45 min bike ride was a bit much. Hence I took today off. Tomorrow will be a nice early morning swim. This weekend will be some running and cycling. But right now I'm heading to the sack. So until the real training begins, Peace.

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