Sunday, August 30, 2009

What We Have Here...

Is yet another equipment failure.  If you saw my last post, you'll know what I'm talking about.  This time out, it was my front derailleur clamp that broke.  And I was fortunate.  1) I was watching this happen so I stopped pedaling before doing even more damage, and 2) I had stopped pedaling so I didn't lose control of the bike when the chain seized.  

And I suppose I can count myself lucky that I was on my road bike at the time and this was a recovery week so the ride was only supposed to be 2 hours (it wound up being 1:15).  

The repairs will probably take about 2 weeks because the hanger is probably still under warranty.  But we have to ship it to them so they can look at it before sending out a replacement.  I don't know why we can't just send photos?  This is 2009.  But whatever.  

So for the rest of the week it has been back on my tri bike on the trainer.  Not a bad thing really.  I'm considering training up to about 80 percent of my weekly milage on the trainer versus on the roads.  What this will mean is that I will have more of an opportunity to focus on growing stronger under more controlled conditions.

I've been putting in more work in the pool this week as well and turning my attention to doing long sets for endurance as well as a bit more pace based work in the medium length sets.   All in all I'm feeling pretty good with my strength and fitness right now.  As for the bike and the other malfunctions, I guess its just all part of the process.  


Keith said...

Hi, just found your blog through the random blog thingie. Equipment failures suck, but it sounds like they happened at good times, ie, not during a race.

I really felt for you reading about your July race. My first race this season was a horror show as well, but when I looked back on it, my time improved slightly, and it took less out of me than the same race the previous year. And I finished, which is more than some can say.

Interesting comments about P90X. Some friends do it, and it sounds totally like a killer workout.

Which IM are you doing? Let's hope you have worked through all the equipment issues BEFORE the big day.

Fred (aka ace) said...

Hi Keith, thanks for your comments. I'm gearing up for IM Arizona. I think I've worked through most of the equipment issues, but who knows? I'll be getting a new wetsuit in a couple of weeks. In plenty of time to try it out before the big day ;) Train well.

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Sprint Triathlon Training said...

Hi Fred, good thing you saw this while it was happening! Have you ever ridden a single speed? Or even a 9 or 10 speed. Ina worst case situation, you might be able to just slide the deraileur clamp out of the way and finish the ride in one ring up front...especially if the rear dearileur still works. Anyway, enjoy your training and thanks for the stories. :) Coach Suzanne

Fred (aka ace) said...

Thanks Suzanne, I looked at trying to go to a single speed but wasn't able to free the chain from the derailleur and one of the links was slightly bent as well. None of this would have been insurmountable had I not left my Alien at home :( Train well!