Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Interesting Take On Running Form

I'm pretty tired so I'll post some observations about this later. But for now this is a good reference for running form and economy.

Thanks to Brett over at Zentri for finding and posting this.


GZ said...

I find what they are talking about here to be really interesting.

But their microfiber reduction program costs 350 an hour for a 30 hour minimum?

Fred (aka ace) said...

Yeah, I posted the same video on my facebook page. Personally, I don't "buy" that the only way to restore range of motion and improve flexibility is through their super secret (and super expensive) manipulation.

There are a couple of reasons we lose range of motion and flexibility during life but the body is made to be used and has an amazing potential to heal itself. I also feel there are many deep tissue techniques which can address chronic issues such as Rolfing (also known as structural integration). There are others of course, and all less expensive and just as effective at restoring posture and range of motion.

But I do think the analysis in the video is certainly intriguing which is why I posted it. Especially since I've been experimenting with multiple daily runs recently.

Mark said...

I think I must have a 11 degree angle. Fred! Great to see you posting again.... keep it going brother.

And let's get back to talking some basketball again soon!