Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back In The Saddle

So I've been back to serious training. This week I got in almost 8 hours on the bike, about 3 hours running and 5 hours swimming. In addition to this I've done my daily yoga and strength training routine. And while my training has gotten more consistent over the past month, what I feel has been the real key to this uptick in training has been my effort to keep my diet optimal. By preparing my food on the weekends while I work I have been able to keep my nutrition and hydration consistent which has paid huge dividends in recovery.

I'll get around to detailing my workouts a bit later. But for now I'll just share some pics from my rides this week.


Mark said...

Fred, glad to hear you're back!

By the way.... what is wrong with my Knicks?

Oh, and I hope the Bulls smash the Heat. Don't tell me you are on the Heat bandwagon!

Fred (aka ace) said...

Thanks Mark, good to be back! And no, I'm rooting for the Bulls and the Mavericks!