Friday, January 4, 2008

This Is Why We Roll

One Sunday morning, I was sitting on my bike waiting in front of a friend's house while she got her stuff ready for the long ride we had planned that. One of her neighbor's, a well dressed woman in her 70's, pulled up in her car on her way to church and asked me why two nice looking young people like us weren't going to church that fine morning. And a fine morning it was. The air was cool, the sun was bright and peaking through thin, wispy clouds that were high in the sky. It was early and there weren't many people up or out so, the roads were almost empty. In other words, cycling nirvana.

I smiled. Then I asked, "Church is supposed to be God's house right?"

"Why yes it is," she answered though a little perplexed by the question.

"Then as long as we are outside on these bikes, I can assure you we'll be right in the middle of God's living room."

The video I'm posting on this blog made me remember that story. It also made me remember that I've never come back from a bike ride angry. I've gotten over breaking up with girlfriends after a single (albeit pretty long) ride. I've resolved lost jobs and found money on my bike. I have celebrated birthdays and made more new friends than I can count on my bike. The best Christmases I've ever had have been while cycling with friends or alone on my bike. I've taken so many 1 and 2 hour vacations from my own front door on my bike I've lost count.

So in the true spirit of giving from me to all of you, this is why we roll....

As usual in terms of full disclosure, I stole this cool vid fromhere.


Rainmaker said...

Neat video - thanks for sharing!

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

very nice. james (our mechanic) can do all those crazy tricks...

but like true roadie fashion, i kept waiting for the guy to warp onto a road bike. :P

Bill said...

Wonderful anecdote.

And isn't that the truth about a good ride. A good long run too.

BTW, you stole nothing from me. It's not mine, just something I wanted to share. Just as you did. ;)

BRFOOT said...

Great story, video and sentiment.