Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wish You Were Here

This was an awesome day to be in Austin, Tx.

Aside from the weather, today's workouts were pretty good.

I rode for about an hour and a half with DuShun and his buddy Dave. For the most part this ride was pretty tame except for the parts where DuShun found the motor on his bike and hit the gas. Hard. I have sort of a love/hate relationships with these rides. They are excellent tests of my fitness and my cycling skills. And today showed I have improved a lot. There was no watching DuShun roll away from me on the slightest incline. There was no heart rate explosion while trying to catch DuShun. There was no falling off his wheel when he went to sprint. Today I covered every move. And I didn't go into my red zone to do it. I was right there with his wheel as my single point of focus for every single move except the last climb to the finish. It wasn't that I didn't go for it because I did. I didn't get a flat tire either. No. What happened was I got completely owned by a better rider.

I really need to see if I can get a bike shop to loan me some sort of power meter to put on DuShun's bike. Because the speed that he flew up that last climb today was just unreal. X-files unreal. My guess his he had to be pushing well over 1000 watts. And he was seated. Did I mention DuShun doesn't climb out of the saddle much? It was just plain scary.

After my ride I came home and ate a small bowl of oatmeal, a banana, a glass of fresh juice, and some almonds. Then I went for a 10 mile walk. This took about 3 hours. I like long walks like this because they seem to help my legs recover faster from the daily running. This is the second 10 mile walk I've done this week and I've still managed to run every day as planned. After the walk I stopped at Daily Juice and had a small Cosmic Trigger.

This was a really, really good smoothie. But an even better long workout day fuel source. I had no problems with fatigue or dehydration or nutrient deficiencies after a small cup of this stuff. These are the ingredients: blueberry, cherry, banana, fresh coconut water, raw cacao, raw maca, hemp protein, raw almond butter, flax oil, extra virgin coconut oil, vanilla, spirulina, Himalayan Salt, raw agave nectar, camu camu powder, msn sulfur.

All I know is after this thing I was able to run 3 miles then swim for 3000m.

I finished off the day with a big salad. Now I'm going to bed.


sheshard said...

Hi Ace - the 12th was my 42nd birthday and yes, it was such a beautiful day outside. Best present ever. I'm not sure how long you've been biking but have you thought about trying to perfect your pedaling form? I know that it took me well over a year of concentrated effort, 3-4 times a week, before I felt like I was getting the most out of every centimeter of my pedal stroke. Just a suggestion... How's the handstand practice going? Those vids you've posted are amazing.

ace said...

Hey! Congrats on the Bday. What a great day to celebrate.

One of the reasons I ride with DuShun is because he has a "perfect" pedal stroke. That and because he is able to communicate how he achieves it and transfers the power to the pedals. A longer post that I am currently working on describes what I have learned in the last few years of riding with him.

Actually, I now get complements on my pedal stroke as well and you are right it took about a year of really concerted effort to get down. But I continue to work at it daily. I think what separates DuShun and I now is just his 20 or so years of experience racing and his power. P90x helped with the power difference tremendously. Now if I can just find somewhere to beg, borrow or steal 20 years racing experience....

Triteacher said...

Yowza. Sounds like a perfect day - for triathletes like us. I won't "Wish You Were Here" back atchya - it's brrrrr cold here in Wisconsin.

As always, impressed with your diet.

Mike Sonders said...

Hey, Ace,

I happened upon your blog through BlogCatalog. I've been looking through it and your bio, and you clearly have a passion for fitness, and for triathlon sports in particular.

I'm writing because I'd love to feature you as a triathlon specialist on the home page of Lootist. It's a Web site where specialists like yourself guide people to the best products by hobby or interest.

It'd be a great way to attract readers to your blog. Check it out and let me know what you think. Or, just go ahead and sign up and declare your specialty.


Mike Sonders
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