Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Boulder For The Week...

So I'm in beautiful Boulder Colorado for the week. Even the 18 degree temps when my plane landed this morning in Denver wasn't enough to keep me from being exited. I'm gonna start tomorrow off with a run. We'll see how things progress from there. Maybe I can find a yoga class somewhere. Any suggestions?


Triteacher said...

Hey Ace, if you're still in the area and want a climbing lesson, my friend and I are climbing tonight. Drop me a line!

RE: Yoga, I haven't done any classes here but I know that 24 Hour Fitness has many classes. I've also heard good things about this place

Enjoy Colorado. It rocks here!

ace said...

Thanks for the link. And the offer. Given my experiences running here for the past couple of days with the piano on my back I have to wonder if learning to hang on by the tips of my fingers would be a wise life choice at the moment ;)

But I am enjoying Colorado. My friend is trying to talk me into moving here. Doing a pretty good job so far. I do like this area. It has much less congestion than Austin. But it is cold. That is a hard selling point for someone who looks forward to summer.

Andrew Gowans said...

Hey Ace, if you are still in Boulder and are looking for a yoga class come to our studio, the yoga pod $10 for the week for 1st time students. Enjoy your time in Colorado.