Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thursday and Friday - Oh and Happy New Year Everyone!

Believe it or not there was actual training on both days. I was supposed to go to a New Year's Eve party and was sort of on my way there when I noticed Lifetime Fitness was open. One of these days I'll have to rave about how much I like Lifetime but that isn't the point of this post. Anyway, Lifetime was between me and the party.

I never made it to the party.

I stopped in and started shooting baskets in my VFF's. I have to say my running mechanics have improved tremendously since I started playing basketball in the VFF's. When I decided to use them in this way, I was thinking of the fastest way to retrain myself to run more efficiently. The problem with simply running the way I've done for the past several years is even with paying close attention to things like leg turnover, foot strike and the like, the monotony of running primarily in the same manner with very little variation in speed and effort has a detrimental effect over the long term. I was pretty good at the beginning of 2009 with varying my run workouts, which like my swim work was more heavily technique based relying largely on plyometric, stair and hill work. I found I could handle hour long workouts in this fashion gaining endurance without the monotony of long slow distance running for fitness. Next week I'll start back up with that type of training again. At any rate, I'm happy with the way I chose to start my year versus how it could have started.

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