Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Triathlete Day Two - Wednesday

So, I finally got the urge to run again. Not just mess around in the gym in the VFF's. No I actually went running yesterday and today. I think I'm on a roll here. I really didn't feel like running at all after Arizona. I went for a walk a couple of times down at Town Lake and hadn't the slightest hint of competitiveness or envy as folks ran past me.

The thing for me is if I start dreaming about something, then its time to do it. In fact that's how I got into Tri's in the first place. I started dreaming about swimming. In this case when the dreams didn't fully peak my interest, I started noticing runners while driving. When that didn't work someone sent me an email with a comped entry into the 3M Half marathon. Finally, my true running sidekick sent me a text, "Start running or else!"

She's the person who got me to start running last year. If she says run, I run because running with her when I'm in shape is pleasant. When I'm not it can be a disaster. For me. Plus she could always find someone else to run with... Who else could I call in a moment's notice to go do a 10 or 15 miler? Uh, not many folks.

So yesterday I ran for a bit over an hour. Today was 30 min. We'll see how I feel about running tomorrow. But I've been swimming and cycling in small increments. Mostly up to now I've been focusing on restoring my body to some semblance of balance. I think everything's back to normal for the most part. I'm starting to feel a bit of fire in my psyche to get back into the fray. We'll see.


cdnhollywood said...

Looks like I need to start dreaming too. ;)

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